Reservation Terms and Policies

Arthur's Limousine Service operates according to the following terms and policies. Please read this section carefully before making your reservation.


Arthur's accepts cancellations at no charge up to 24 hours prior to initial pick-up time. Any cancellation 24 hours or less before pick-up time will be charged the full rate for the ride. Cancellations made after hours by answering service will be accepted based on the time-stamp on the message.


Reservation requests may be made online, in person, by phone, fax, email, or third-party reservation service. However, to be valid, all reservations must be confirmed in person or by phone with an Arthur's Limousine Service employee. It is not enough to simply make a request. All confirmed reservations must be held by credit card or current Arthur's charge account.


Payment may be made by cash, credit card, or current Arthur's billing account. Credit cards will be charged when the reservation is made and will be credited upon cancellation, unless the cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to the pickup time. Chauffeurs do not accept cash payments. Arthur's does not accept personal checks.


Arthur's reserves the right to refuse service, with due notification, for any reason. Arthur's may not be held liable for circumstances arising due to refusal of service. Arthur's may not be held liable for loss due to missed flights, tours, cruises, etc. due to extenuating circumstances such as traffic, weather, natural disaster, etc.


Customers aged 21 and over may consume alcohol beverages in limousines, provided that the beverages are consumed in the rear of the vehicle, and that the partition between the driver and the rear compartment is closed. Customers may provide their own alcoholic beverages. Customers may request that drivers buy alcoholic beverages by proxy provided that the customer gives the driver money to buy the alcohol prior to pick-up, and the driver returns all monies and products to the customer. The driver may not purchase alcohol and then be reimbursed afterwards. By Hawaii state law, no open alcoholic beverages will be allowed in vehicles in which there is no partition between the driver and the area in which the alcohol is being consumed. No one under 21 may consume alcohol under any circumstances. Hawaii liquor commission regulations mandate that transportation companies may not provide alcohol to customers, including "complimentary" alcoholic beverages.